Taylor Eudy

voice / piano instructor


Taylor has her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from Lindenwood University, as well as some completed graduate level music credits from Bowling Green State University.  


Taylor has been a part of formal music ensembles since 2002, among these being Voices Only (the acapella ensemble at Lindenwood University) and the St. Louis Symphony Chorus. She briefly studied at the prestigious new music school at Bowling Green State University in Ohio in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Voice Performance, and recently returned to St. Louis to pursue other academic interests in the field of music psychology.


Formally teaching students since 2013, Taylor has years of experience working with students of all ages, backgrounds, and learning styles. While voice is her primary instrument, Taylor also loves to work with students interested in learning piano, music theory, and songwriting. Vocally, Taylor specializes in classical technique but has prepared jazz technique, pop technique, musical theater technique, and opera technique for performances. Taylor is also interested in working with students who wish to perform in other genres as well.


For Taylor, the most exciting part of teaching music is when a student feels emotionally connected to the work, and demonstrates passion during practice and performance. Taylor believes that music is a necessary part of being, and the education thereof is a wonderfully rewarding service to provide to people who wish to enrich their lives and broaden both their cultural and personal understanding.


“It is my intention to provide each student with holistic and individualized instruction that furthers their personal betterment in the study of music. I strive for a truly organic approach to music making and encourage the most healthful technique behaviors amid all genres and styles. It is my personal goal to address the mind, body, and spirit of the musician, as they are all connected in the making of music. Through these practices, I hope to refine all-around healthy musicians who strive to share their work with the world.”