Request Lessons

This is your first step in beginning lessons with us. Before you enroll and purchase, please send us a request through our form below. We will promptly reply with options for a weekly schedule and instructor.


Your second step we will reply to your request and ask you to select the schedule option that best suits your needs.  


Lastly, you purchase your lessons to secure your schedule.  Then you are set to begin!

Let's Get Started!

We are happy you have found us! It is super important to us that you are satisfied with your lessons at Rhythm Studio. In order for us to provide the private lessons that best suit your needs, goals, and schedule, please fill out the form on this page. Your information will help us learn more about you so we can provide you with an instructor who best suits you, your learning style and your schedule. 


After you send us your Request for Lessons, we will promptly reply with either potential schedule openings or more questions to better narrow down your request. 

A bit of information to consider first:  

  • We do not offer group classes, only private one on one lessons.  

  • We do not offer every other week lessons, nor lesson times that change weekly.  

  • Our lessons are scheduled at least once a week at the same time and day.

  • All of our lessons are held at Rhythm Studio.  Our instructors do not travel to your home.

  • Once you request lessons, and we provide you with potential openings, we cannot "hold" that opening for you. Lesson times and days can only be "secured" with enrollment and purchase of lessons.

  • Once you enroll and purchase lessons, we will receive notification and we will schedule you through our scheduling software, according to our agreed upon time and day.  

  • Our policy requires students to keep a current card available in their account autopay and scheduling.  

  • Please see our Student Policies