See our list below of private lessons.  If what you are looking for isn't listed, send us your request through our Request Lessons form.  There are some less popular instruments not listed here, that our instructors teach.  

At Rhythm Studio, our primary service is to provide each student with quality one on one, private instruction from the most qualified instructors. We deliver learning at the student's pace, focused on their individual goals!


All of our lessons are private, one on one lessons and all are held at Rhythm studio.  Our instructors do not travel to students homes. 


Lesson fees are set according to the length of lesson time, not according to what is being learned.  Our fees are the same for all instructors, so you can be assured they all are of the same top quality. 


To learn more about our studio and philosophy, please see "Our Services" Page


Acoustic, Electric and Bass (banjo, ukulele and mandolin can be accommodated)

Rhythm Studio offers guitar lessons for students ages 8 to adult.  We have an excellent guitar teaching staff and instruct in everything from rock, jazz, classical and pop.  No matter what type of guitar lessons you are interested in, we have instructors who ensure you learn proper technique, theory and sight reading. Though we typically do not begin guitar students before age 8, we are willing to assess them for size and dexterity, as some students are able to handle the guitar at a younger age but possibly with a half size guitar.  It is necessary to have the instrument you are learning at home for practice. We can also teach Banjo, Ukulele, and Mandolin.   


INSTRUCTORS: Alex Reyna  Wil Pelly  Vinnie Guiffrida   

                           Dishawn Payton   Victoria Kleeman


Classical, Jazz, Keyboard, and optional learning voice with piano

Piano / Keyboard –  Rhythm Studio offers piano/keyboard lessons for students ages 5 to adult.  We offer lessons for all abilities from beginners to advanced students in a variety of styles and genres such as classical, pop, jazz and more. Our instructors focus on proper technique, sight reading, and music theory.  We also offer piano/voice lessons, as some our instructors teach both. In a combined voice/piano lesson, we require a minimum lesson time of 45 minutes to ensure you have time to adequately learn both together in your weekly lesson.  Owning an acoustic piano is not required but is beneficial.  Many times owning a basic electronic keyboard works well for students in the beginning as they learn and grow. Having a piano or keyboard at home on which the student can practice is required for all piano students.



INSTRUCTORS: Kathy Bhat  Alex Reyna, Vinnie Guiffrida  Elizabeth Kinnear

                           Stephanie Crawford  Dishawn Payton  Charity Steevens   


Drum Set and Percussion Ages 9 - Adult Beginner to Advanced

We offer a wide variety of drum lessons or percussion lessons for ages 8 to adult. Most of our students learn on a drum set, however, we instruct in other styles of percussion such as found in a school band. We have both male and female students from 8 to adult. We typically do not start drum lessons before age 8 as students need to be able to reach both the pedal and the high hat. It is not necessary to purchase an entire drum set to begin lessons. Most students can get started practicing at home on practice pads before purchasing or renting a drum kit. Our drum lessons stress proper technique, rhythmic timing and more. 



INSTRUCTORS:  Wil Pelly Dishawn Payton Alex Reyna Vinnie Guiffrida


We also teach Cello and Viola

Our strings program offers private instruction in violin, viola, and cello. Some instructors also teach fiddle style playing. Our instructors stress proper technique, positioning, sight reading, and music theory. Our private violin lessons start as young as age 6 and up to adult.  For younger children, we highly encourage a parent to sit in on the lesson to help the student at home with things such as posture and hand positioning. We offer violin rental from the studio.


INSTRUCTORS:  Justin Meaux  


Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Choral, Pop and other styles and genres

Voice Lessons/Coaching – At Rhythm Studio we offer many styles of voice lessons from classical, musical theater, to pop for ages 6 to adult.  Some of our instructors teach piano as well, for those who are interested in doing both. Students have opportunities for recitals and other performances. Our instructors and coaches all have performance backgrounds as well.  Just a sample of what a student will learn in singing lessons includes how to breathe properly, how to increase vocal range, proper pitch, projection, sight reading, music theory and stage presence.  


INSTRUCTORS: Kathy Bhat Victoria Kleeman Alex Reyna Cat Sansone  

                           Kendra Willouer  Elizabeth Kinnear


Learn drama, musical theatre, audition prep, monologues and more

Acting/Drama – Our Acting/Drama Instructors also teach voice and some teach dance with emphasis on musical theatre. They can work on an audition script you are learning for a current role, or help you audition for potential roles. Our acting/drama students focus on building a character, finding hidden intentions, diction, and exploring levels of comedic and dramatic monologues.  Students will also work on improvisation techniques, character development and experimenting with a variety of scenes.  Our goal is for them to become comfortable working with and without a script. All of our acting students study the essential elements of acting and explore the world of performing arts.

INSTRUCTORS:   Kendra Willouer


Beginner Ballet, Jazz and Musical Theatre (we also offer sepcial private lessons for couples)

Rhythm Studio is different in that we offer private one-on-one dance lessons for beginners.  You have the opportunity to have our instructor's complete attention to ensure you have proper posture and technique.  Our philosophy on dance instruction is much different than the many dance studios.  We focus on the individual.  We do not participate in competitions or ask you to purchase expensive dance uniforms.  We believe in dance as a cultural art and a personal enrichment.  We allow students to learn properly, yet creatively and free of commercial pressure.  Our private dance students say they appreciate learning to move without feeling the pressure of a group.  Some are older children, teens or even adults who wish they had learned dance young, our format works well for older students who may not have started dance lessons at a very young age.  

We also offer dance lessons and audition prep for musicals or other performances.  Our dance instructors also specialize in musical theatre and can help you best prepare for your audition or role.  

INSTRUCTORS: Kendra Willouer   


Ages 9 - Adult Beginner to Advanced

Our private flute lessons generally start at age 9 to adult.  We are willing to assess younger students, as size plays a factor in the ability to reach all ends of the flute while playing. With an emphasis on teaching the foundations of flute technique and becoming well-rounded musicians, our Flute Instructor designs the lessons to fit the students’ needs, incorporates applicable Music Theory, Rhythm Studies, and encourages her students to participate in recitals and competitions.  Our flute students perform spring and Christmas recitals.  

INSTRUCTORS:  Jacki Kleine   


Ages 9 - Adult Beginner to Advanced

Our private saxophone lessons are offered to ages 9 to adult.  For students younger than age 8, we find they typically do not have the lung capacity and strength to play these instruments. Our saxophone instructor also teaches clarinet and flute, so a student can start with one instrument and if they wish to add another, they can do so without changing instructors.  Beginning students learn notes, scales, time signatures, and technical aspects of the instruments and music. For intermediate-advanced students, you may begin to learn improvisation.

INSTRUCTORS:  Jacki Kleine   


Ages 9 - Adult Beginner to Intermediate

Our private clarinet lessons are offered to ages 9 to adult. For students younger than age 8, we find they typically do not have the lung capacity and strength to play these instruments. Our saxophone instructor also teaches clarinet and flute, with a few also teaching trumpet.  That is beneficial if a student wants to start with one instrument and if they wish to add another, they can do so without changing instructors. Beginning students learn notes, scales, time signatures, and technical aspects of the instruments and music. For intermediate-advanced students, you may begin to learn improvisation.

INSTRUCTOR:  Jacki Kleine

Music Explorations

General Music Lessons for Preschoolers and Children with Special Needs

Preschool Age Children – Ages 3-6 (must be able to use restroom independently without accidents) 

Much like Preschool is to academic learning, our Music Explorations Lessons prepare children for their future musical learning.   In these private lessons, we introduce children to a variety of instruments, singing, and beginner music theory.  Children who begin with these lessons tend to learn instrument playing and singing quickly as they grow.  Most children who enroll in these lessons may not be ready for private instrument or singing lessons due to fine motor skills, development, maturity or other reasons that pertain simply to their age, however, they can benefit tremendously from taking General Music Lessons.  These lessons are priced the same as our other private lessons.  We recommend no more than a 30-minute lesson. 

INSTRUCTORS: Jacki Kleine   Jessica Poddig

Children with Special Needs  

Our Special Needs Children come to Rhythm primarily due to our customized lessons that are private, meaning one on one, and focus completely on that child.  In these lessons, our instructor will begin with assessing the child’s sensitivities, areas of need and interests, while including the parents or primary caretakers.  These lessons focus on motor improvement, rhythms, beats, movement, encourage singing, instrumentation and possibly note reading.  These lessons are priced the same as our other private lessons.


INSTRUCTORS:  Jacki Kleine   Elizabeth Kinnear

Professional Artist Development

Do you feel you may have “what it takes” to be a professional performing artist?   Our Artist Development Program is a customized plan that is tailored for each artist looking for development in the professional music industry. Through our branch, Rhythm Music Group we offer a wide array of services.  Everything an artist needs to develop, brand and record can be provided through our seasoned artist development team.  


Our team of coaches offer everything from stage performance training, vocal coaching, instrument lessons, songwriting coaching, audio production, and music business training.  Our staff can provide what you need to take your act to the next level.


See our Artist Development Page for more specific information. 


COACHES:  Doug Byrkit   Wil Pelly   Alex Reyna Dishawn Payton  

                    Cat Sansone   

Audio Production

Ages 12 - Adult

Have you ever wanted to record your own songs, make music for video games, soundtracks, or remixes? Then take one of our private, hour-long lessons with a seasoned producer! Learn how to start from the ground up, building your own tracks to a fully completed production.  One of today’s best developments in music production is that musicians can learn how to produce great sounds from their own PC.  Students will work with our instructor on their home software such as Garage Band, Logic Pro, Ableton and more   Each lesson is fully tailored to what you are looking to accomplish. Rock, R&B, EDM, Soundtracks, Video Game, Folk, Country, or Pop! Our instructor will give you the knowledge and power to create your own music and be ahead of the game when you continue in the entertainment industry.

Dishawn Payton  Alex Reyna


Ages 12 - Adult

Do you have lyrics and melodies that develop in your thoughts, and you just cannot figure out how to make it into a song?  Have you written them down and think you have a decent song, but need some help with developing it into a great song?  We have some amazing songwriters on staff at Rhythm Studio.  In your songwriting lessons you will learn how to best structure a song, develop melodies, rhythms and instrumental sounds along with it.

Doug Brykit  Abraham LaVio

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