Learn more about how to get started in our Professional Artist Development Program.


       How Do You Get Started?  

  • Set up an Initial Private Consultation

  • Purchase Private Lessons that will begin your professional coaching in voice, instrument, stage performance, songwriting, music recording and more.  

See our packages of consultations & coaching below.

Private Consultations & Mentor Sessions

Not sure where to begin?  Do you feel you have what it takes to be a professional music artist, but have no clue how to navigate the difficult music industry?  


INITIAL PRIVATE CONSULTATION   (Click Here to Purchase $75 for 1 hour)

Begin with a one-hour Initial Private Consultation with Artist Managers where they will assess where you are, and provide you with a Goal Summary that lays out steps to help guide you through your development plan.   Often this Initial Private Consultation includes a performance evaluation of at least one song along with a discussion of your goals and experiences.  (With this consultation, you will receive a printed and extensive Goal Summary Report with a development plan and our recommendations on how to obtain those goals.)



FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION   (Click Here to Purchase $65 for 1 hour)

*must follow Initial Consultation


In the Follow-Up Consultations, we review your Goal Summary from your initial consultation and assess where you are, if changes in plan need to be implemented, or if we can move a bit more quickly than in initially planned.  



FOCUSED MENTOR SESSIONS   (Click Here to Purchase $30 for 1/2 hour)


Our 30 minute Focused Mentor Sessions typically are designed for a particular focused topic.  Let us know the topic you are needing mentoring through and we will schedule this focused session.  Some common topics: advice in song selection, image, branding, tips on songwriting, gaining fans, interaction with venues, understanding copyrights, royalties, licensing PRO's,  staying relevant in today's market and much more.  (These DO NOT include a Goal Summary planning report)



NOTE: It is best to contact us first before purchasing your consultations or mentor sessions to ensure we have an opening in our schedule within a time that works for you. Once we find a scheduled time that works for you, consult must be purchased before confirming the meeting.  


*Fees are non-refundable.  If Artist is a no-show or late cancels a scheduled meeting, (less than 24 hours prior to scheduled evaluation) the meeting will be charged and not rescheduled



Songwriting Coaching

Develop your Lyrics and Melodies into a Well Crafted Song!

Private Lessons:  Work with songwriters and industry professionals for weekly lessons to learn the tips for turning your melodies or lyrics into a solid song that will be sure to have a publisher's ear.   The songwriting coaches will provide you with the special tips that will show you how to title, structure and create your song to be ready for recording.  


Our songwriting lessons will help you hone in on your craft and who you are as a writer.    We encourage multiple styles and genres.  But rather than "creating" your song for you, we simply provide you with the tips, techniques, and information to put into your song to make it ready for pitching or performing.    




Performance and Vocal Coaching

These Coaching Sessions fall under the pricing of all of our Private lessons

Private Lessons: Recommended, no less than 45-minute lessons weekly in order to work through both vocals and performance.


Work with our professional performance and voice coaches to learn how to engage the audience while delivering great vocals. Our instructors provide both voice teaching and coaching.  In teaching, you will learn techniques in breath support, tone, timbre, finding your range, and how to use your voice properly without causing damage.  The coaching involves guiding you to find your style, use inflection, and incorporate it into performance. 


For instrument lessons, see our Private Lessons Page.  All Private Lessons are scheduled weekly.

Audio Production Coaching

Bring Your Songs to Life!

Private Lessons:  Work with a music producer in a weekly lesson to learn how to produce your own basic demos and how to become a better composer and producer of your music.  Our instructor will help you select your songs that best suit who you are as an artist.  


Often times these lessons work well for songwriters who are not musicians and need to learn how to bring their melodies and rhythms to life.  With a computer audio recording software, you can do just that without needing to learn an instrument.  Learn what sounds are best for different styles and genres.  Learn how to pull an entire "band" together behind your lyrics making the song that has been in your head a reality.  

These are offered in one hour lesson times.


Produce Your Music:  Work with our music producer to put your songs together to launch a Single, EP or Album. 


Set up a consultation with our producer to get your project started.  Email Us:

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