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Why Instructors Encourage Students to Perform at Recitals

Throughout the year, instructors will hold recitals for their students to perform a song they have been working on for their friends and family. While the summer recital season is over, that does not mean that recitals are no longer on the instructors' radar. In fact, I am already working on planning the costume recital that I will be holding for my students in October; and the time between recitals is an excellent time for students to hone their skills, begin deciding what they may want to perform, and work on performance skills.

This leads to the following questions: why do teachers hold recitals?

Recitals serve as an opportunity for students to gain experience performing. Many students are nervous or unsure about performing, but recitals allow students to perform for the first time in a small group of friends, family, other students, and their teacher. This allows students to perform without too much pressure, and they have the teacher right there for support and help if necessary.

Additionally, students are able to have a goal to work toward and gain recognition. This often gives many students motivation to practice harder and more thoroughly because the students want to perform well. The student delves into the intricacies of a song and how to play it best. The students also get recognition when performing that often encourages the student to continue learning. This can be important because students can sometimes become discouraged or tired of lessons. Recognition from their instructor, friends, and family motivate the student.

If you or your child is interested in performing in a recital, contact your instructor today.

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