Our Fees & Such



If you haven't been assigned a weekly schedule, contact us first through this Request Lessons link here, or at the top of the page. After we have discussed open schedule options, and you choose the opening that best suits your needs, we will have you create an account and purchase lessons in order to secure your chosen schedule and begin lessons.

See our payment policy below
Our fees are set according to length of time of the lesson,
not according to the type of lesson or instructor

Packages of Lessons

~Lessons are sold in packages of 4, 8, or 12~
In purchasing lessons, you agree to have your lessons continue with auto-pay.  Please see below for our tuition and attendance policy

30 minute weekly lessons

4 Pack - $100.00

Bulk Package Discounts

8 Pack  -  $190.00    5% discount

12 Pack - $279.00    7% discount

45 minute 

weekly lessons

4 Pack - $172.00

Bulk Package Discounts

8 Pack  -  $327.00  5% discount

12 Pack - $480.00  7% discount

60 minute

weekly lessons

4 Pack - $240.00

Bulk Discounts

8 Pack  -  $456.00   5% discount

12 Pack - $670.00   7% discount



  • To reserve your lesson, day, time, and instructor, tuition must be paid by auto-pay of 4, 8, or 12 packages of lessons. You select the package you wish to purchase upon enrollment. That package will continue to be automatically purchased with each renewal unless we are asked otherwise in writing. 


  • With your enrollment, you are agreeing to allow Rythm Studio to automatically renew lessons on the last day of your package through the card you place in your account. 


  • These lessons will be scheduled weekly regardless of how many lessons the student plans to attend. Tuition is not adjusted, credited, carried forward, or refunded for weeks that a student does not attend a lesson for any reason. 


  • Tuition for the next month is due by the final lesson of the current package and will be automatically paid from your card on file on that day. If not paid on time, due to credit or debit card issues, you will be notified. If it is not corrected, the timeslot may be reassigned to a new student.  We recommend that you keep your credit card billing updated in your account in order to prevent loss of your timeslot due to an inadvertent late payment.



  • Purchase of all lessons is to be done by auto-pay. Payments are final and non-refundable 



Missed Lessons and Makeup Policy


  • Once you have reserved your weekly package of lessons, Rhythm Studio commits to paying your instructor in full for all of the lessons. This includes lessons you are not able to attend for any reason including planned vacations and holidays that lessons are held.  We make best efforts to schedule makeup lessons with either your instructor or a substitute instructor.  


  • Students or parents must contact Rhythm Studio via email in order to cancel a lesson, as we need to have cancelations in writing for reference.  Any missed lesson without prior notification will not be made up.


  • Cancelation of a lesson will not be accepted if it is only in verbal form to instructors or staff. 


  • Make-up lessons will be limited to 1 per 30 days. Any additional makeup lesson or cancelation is considered excessive. Students who do not show up for a make-up will forfeit that lesson, and it will not be rescheduled. (No refunds will be given for missed lessons)


  • If an instructor has to cancel, and a substitute cannot be provided for the lesson, it will not count toward your make-ups. This lesson will be made up by the instructor at a later date.


  • Lessons missed or canceled by the student are not refunded, credited, or owed to the student in any manner regardless of reason or advance notice of the cancellation.  Every attempt for make up lessons  per this policy will be made but cannot be guaranteed. 


  • Any no-show for a lesson (no prior written notification of absence) results in that lesson being considered late cancel and therefore forfeited.  


  • You may schedule makeup lessons with any Rhythm Studio Instructor subject to availability and until the date of your final paid recurring lesson.


  • Makeup lessons may not be scheduled in any week that tuition has not been paid, such as when a paid lesson is refunded due to a teacher absence or holiday.


  • Makeup lessons may not be scheduled after your final paid recurring lesson.


Lessons Cancelled by the Studio


  • Tuition for lessons canceled by Rhythm Studio due to inclement weather, instructor illness, or facility conflicts will not be deducted from your account and either allowed for makeup lesson or "tacked on" to the end of your package extending it one week.




  • Tuition is not charged for days that Rhythm Studio is closed: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Tuition is charged for all other days of the year.

Substitute Instructor



  • Rhythm Studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach the lesson. Usually we attempt to inform our students of this occurrence, however, this is a standing policy and we reserve the right to provide a substitute without prior notice. Our priority is to maintain the student’s scheduled lesson time.


Discontinuing Lessons


  • All discontinuation of lessons must be presented to Rhythm Studio in writing via email (not in verbal form to instructors, staff or via phone and voice message).  Discontinuation must be presented 14 days prior to your last lesson in your package in order to ensure your autopay has been stopped.


  • You may stop lessons at the end of your package. If you have already paid the month’s tuition, you may stop lessons by providing 14 days advance notice. Tuition for lessons more than 14 days from your notice date is credited to your account for future use, but is not refunded.

A bit of information to consider:  


  • Purchase of all lessons is final and non-refundable.


  • We do not offer group classes, only private one on one lessons.  


  • We do not offer every other week lessons or lesson times that change weekly.  


  • Our lessons are scheduled all year, at least once a week at the same time and day.


  • All of our lessons are held at Rhythm Studio.  Our instructors do not travel to your home.


  • Once you request lessons, and we provide you with potential openings, we cannot "hold" that opening for you until you commit to that schedule by enrolling and purchasing lessons. Lessons must be purchased before we can secure your schedule.


  • If we inform you that there is a particular day and time open, that means it is open for any new student inquiring. It only becomes your secured schedule and time after you enroll and purchase lessons.


  • Once you enroll and purchase lessons, we will receive notification and we will schedule you according to our agreed upon schedule.


  • Our policy requires students to keep a current credit or debit card in their account for auto-pay and for us to keep their weekly schedule secured. Unfortunately, we cannot keep a student's schedule secured if the student runs out of purchased lessons in their account.   


  • Purchase of lesson books is to be expected.  Lesson books are needed in order for students to learn proper note reading, music theory, and implementation.  They are also needed for home practice.  Please expect this expense when enrolling for lessons. Often we have these books in stock and they can be purchased the same day as your first lesson. Books needed are different for each student and are determined on the first day of lessons after the instructor assesses the level at which the student is. 


  • Please see our Student Policies PDF Below for a full and comprehensive list of our policies