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We're all about our Students!  When setting up our new students with lessons, we ask questions about their personality, goals, and experience to ensure we are pairing them with the instructor that best suits their needs.  Rhythm owners and management remain involved in how the student is progressing throughout their time at Rhythm. We strive to ensure a close collaboration with the instructors and students to promote success. Our goal is to provide a pleasant experience for each student that meets the high standards set at Rhythm Studio.  


We focus on private lessons:  At Rhythm Studio, our primary service is to provide each student with quality one on one, private instruction from the most qualified instructors. We deliver learning at the student's pace, focused on their individual goals.


We are not a retail store:  Many other lesson facilities are actually instrument retail stores that happen to offer lessons with their primary focus on selling retail. Our focus is the quite the opposite.  We focus on our students. Though we sell retail products, our stock is essentially for equipping our students with needed tools to promote their learning. We take special interest to keep our studio setting free of retail and shoppers in order to focus on our students and their learning.  


We are not a franchise: Rhythm Music Studio is a privately-owned business.  When you inquire with us, you personally correspond with the actual owners of Rhythm Studio. The owners take a personal interest in each student and take responsibility in ensuring students are satisfied with their lessons.


Advanced Artist Development:  Our philosophy at Rhythm is unique.  Rhythm owners also have experience in music artist management and development.  They have managed professional musicians, bands, and singer/songwriters.  Rhythm offers specialized coaching for performers who are looking to create a dynamic performance.  For those looking for Artist Development, we provide a wide array of options including, stage performance coaching, and songwriting instruction.







Our Specialty:  We specialize in developing well-trained musicians, singers, and performers. Our specialty is in coaching students to achieve their personal goals, whether those goals are to learn to play an instrument and read music or to become a professional performing artist. We offer an innovative approach to private lessons and coaching that is not found elsewhere in the St. Louis area. We do more than teach students how to play an instrument; we coach students in how to appreciate music and performance as an enriching, cultural art. Our instructors are well educated in proper musicianship and music theory. These attributes and more are passed on to our students in each lesson.


Rhythm Studio was developed out of a desire to offer music and performance students professional, quality instruction, that focuses on developing a well-trained musician & performer








Comfortable learning environment:  Students of Rhythm Studio find themselves immersed in an enthusiastic, encouraging, and comfortable learning environment! Each lesson room offers full glass doors and view for parents who wish to sit outside and observe, and curtains for the adult learners who wish to have more privacy. With the owners having had children grow up taking multiple private lessons in various settings, they have a full understanding of the many requirements parents and adult learners are looking for, including quality of lessons, environment, cost, and comfortability.  


Instruction for all ages and levels of experience:  Rhythm Studio Owners have taken great care to pay attention to students and family's needs to feel safe, comfortable, and assured that they are learning from impeccable instructors at a top quality facility. Though we coach artists to become professionals, we never want that to intimidate the beginner.  We meet all students where they are and encourage them to learn the wonderful aspects of growing as a musician and performer.  


Easy online enrollment and scheduling:  It is super easy to enroll and begin your lessons with us. Simply send us a request, set up your enrollment, then you can easily purchase online. Once that is completed, we will see you at your first lesson! Our online software allows you to log in and see your schedule, past visits, and purchase more lessons.  Begin by following our easy step by step Become a Student Page , or start by sending us an inquiry through our Request Lessons page






Instruments:  We specialize in renting and selling violins. Contact us for more information.


Rhythm Studio offers sale or rental of most instruments. Because we focus on lessons and not on being a retail store, we do not keep a huge stock. However, we do keep some basic instruments and supplies for sale, as we are a qualified dealer for major suppliers. For that reason, we are able to pass along great savings to our students. You can be assured that we are not trying to move stock or try to sell you something you really don't need. We listen to what our clients are asking for and special order it for their needs. We do not attempt to sell what we need to move in inventory or upsell a product. Many instruments and products can be specially ordered for you. That includes instruments for rent.   


Instruments for practicing at home:  We do require students to own the instrument they are learning.  Your practice time at home will be key to your success.  We do offer rental of most instruments.


Drum Students:  Many drum students can get along for a short time with some practice pads, but as they progress, a full drum set is recommended.  We do offer sales of these products at a discounted price for our students. 


Piano Students: We highly recommend you have a piano in your home to practice on.  For the first year or so, you may manage with a small keyboard, however, we suggest having a full 88 key keyboard or piano.  We do offer sales of basic keyboards, but we are not a retailer for acoustic pianos.



We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!


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At Rhythm Music and Performing Arts Studio, you will receive a high quality customized experience unlike any other that can be found in the St. Louis area