Elizabeth Pulliam

voice / piano instructor


Rhythm Studio is pleased to announce the addition of Elizabeth Pulliam to our team of instructors.  Her passion for music and singing is evident.  


Beginning as a Voice Performance Major at Lindenwood University, Elizabeth recently switched her focus from art song to contemporary music for her Bachelor's of Art in Music Degree.  With her foundation in classical vocals, training in Vocal Pedagogy and extensive experience in private voice lessons, Elizabeth's techniques and connection to her voice are skills she is excited to pass along to her students. Her ability to teach students how to bridge classical training to contemporary style is a much sought after approach to voice lessons and coaching.   


After witnessing many inexperienced vocalists struggle to find their voices, Elizabeth discovered that her passion for pedagogy could help others develop their instruments as well.  


Elizabeth has been playing piano since she was 8 years old.  She has been educated in developing skills to educate young students in piano and is excited to share her experience, skills, and knowledge with her students at Rhythm Studio.


Elizabeth has had the honor of performing as a vocalist for the St. Louis Archdiocese "March for LIfe" Band, Dio and Aeneas in Witch, and a vocalist for Vitae Foundation Fundraisers.