Dishawn “Dmicestro” Payton

piano/guitar/drums and audio production instructor / music producer   


Dishawn is an independent producer from Cincinnati, OH. He was born in St. Louis, MO., raised in Cincinnati and is residing once again in St. Louis. 


Many musicians and producers have a specific memory of a moment or person who inspired them in music.  Dishawn says, “I just happened to discover at a very young age that I had a sincere passion and heart for music.”  Essentially, he was born with this love and talent and it is all he knew.  


Dishawn was an apprentice of two Grammy Award Winning Producers Courtney “JR” Peebles and JonJon Webb.  His current mentor is Stanley Brown, who is Head of A&R at EOne Entertainment.  Dishawn has professionally produced tracks for: Jai Williams, J.R. (Courtney Peebles), Thi’sl, J.Faith, Al Morton and others. He was also the keyboardist/organist for local talents such as Speak Life, Teresa Terri & Unique, Ashley Nicole, and more.


Dishawn says he has been influenced by some of the greats in producing such as: Quincy Jones, Pharrel Williams, Timbaland, Hans Zimmer, Ryan Leslie, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Chris Martin, Dr. Luke, Leeland and Brian Kennedy.  He says he appreciates all genres of music and enjoys producing a variety of genres, styles, and artists.  


Currently, Dishawn is continuing his love as an independent producer and doing one of the projects he most loves, providing live music production and composition at churches.  




Artist: Colette Alexia  Album: Irreversible  

Release Date: 7/29/16        Cincinnati, OH

Accompanied Piano and Additional Production  on all tracks


Artist: Lamont Hill  Album: Emerge     

Release Date: 3/01/16         Cincinnati,  OH

Produced and Co-Wrote  ‘’Hurt By You’’ Track

Engineered   ‘’Reality Show’’  Track


Artist: Metrolyte Single: Give It All    

Release Date: 8/20/13 Cincinnati, OH

Fully Produced, Co-Wrote, & Arranged  


Artist: Jillian “J Faith” Ellis Album: The Journey   

Release Date: 4/13/13     Cincinnati, OH

Fully Produced   “I Found Freedom”  Track


Artist: Thi’sl  Album:  Free From The Trap      

Release Date: 11/20/12       St Louis, MO

Fully Produced   “In The Morning (feat. Daphne Rice)”   Track


Artist: Jai Williams    Album: Culture Shock       

Release Date: 8/2/11 Saint Louis, MO

Fully Produced “Victory” Track

Accompanied (Piano) “Reflection” Track