Charity Steevens

piano / music theory instructor

(emphasis: advanced classical piano)



Charity provides extensive experience in piano and music theory. She also has experience in teaching drama and instructing choir. At Rhythm Music and Performing Arts Studio Charity teaches Piano, Music Theory and Piano Composition. Charity was homeschooled and continued her education at Missouri Baptist University graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with an emphasis in Piano. She also has two minors in Church Music and Psychology. She began teaching piano privately in 2002, and has experience teaching band, choir, and drama in private schools. She is involved in her community through directing music and playing the piano at her church.


Charity began taking piano lessons at the age of nine. Due to the influence of her piano teacher, she decided she wanted to become a music teacher. She comes from a large family of eight. Charity also composes music, her favorite style to compose is 12-tone music. Her inspiration is Frederic Chopin. She is tremendously skilled in teaching theory and music composition.  She finds it imperative to include theory, technique and composing/creative playing in all her lessons.