By filling out the Inquiry Form below, you can provide us with detailed information that will provide you with the most customized lesson, schedule and instructor we have available.  

Please Note:  

  • We do not offer group classes, only private one on one lessons.  

  • We do not offer every other week lessons.  Our lessons are held at least once a week at the same time and day.

  • All of our lessons are held at Rhythm Studio.  Our instructors do not travel your home.

  • We cannot "hold" a spot for you.  If we inform you that there is a particular day and time open we can only "hold" it and schedule it after the student is enrolled and a package of lessons has been purchased. 

Become a Student

Begin with 3 Easy Steps


Choose an instrument, service, instructor, and schedule.  


Click on the above button. It will send you to our request lessons page. Once you send your request, we will reply with scheduling options. When you reply with your choice, you can move to the next step and enroll.


To enroll at Rhythm Studio is super easy.  We do not require contracts or enrollment fees.  

Click on the above button and follow the steps to "How to Enroll."  Once you create an account, or profile you will receive a "welcome" email and you will be ready to purchase your first package of lessons.


Purchase your Lesson Package.


Click on the above button to receive steps to how to purchase your first package of lessons.  By this step, you should have decided how long of a lesson you want (30, 45 or 60 minutes) and the package you will purchase.  If you have additional questions please contact us or see our lesson fees page. 

Enroll easily online, or visit us in the studio 

The online enrollment and purchase of lessons is super easy and listed on this page. 

 If you wish to enroll at the studio in person, please see our studio hours

Getting Started

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please contact us through our Request Lessons page to inform us about what type of lesson you are looking for.  We will promptly reply to you in order to set up an agreed-upon weekly schedule, instructor and length of time for your lesson.  


If you have already corresponded with us and received options for a weekly schedule, reply to us with the day and time you selected, then you can enroll and purchase lessons. 


SECURE YOUR SPOT!  Though we will discuss the day and time you would like, we cannot secure that time nor guarantee that time will be held for you until the purchase of lessons has been completed! Lesson openings are subject to change if they have not been secured.  In order to "secure" your spot, follow the instructions below on how to enroll by creating an account and how to purchase lessons in order to get on the schedule.







We fill openings according to the students who sign up and purchase lessons first

All of our lessons are Private, One on One lessons, not Group Lessons








  • Click Student Login at the top of this page.  It will take you to our online enrollment and scheduling software through MindBody.  

  • Once you enter that page you will see a box that says “New to Rhythm Studio?” 

  • Fill in the STUDENT’S information there.


PARENTS: If you are a parent filling in the information for your child, please fill in your child’s name, but be sure to provide your contact information and YOUR email address, as all receipts and schedule communication will go to that email.  It is important to provide an email you check frequently and check "opt-in" for emails.  All receipts and schedule communication will be delivered to that email.  Email is our primary avenue of communication.


When finished, you will have created a “Profile" aka, account.  Your next step, to purchase a package of lessons



IMPORTANT:  We use a safe and easy to navigate online scheduling software called MindBody.

Your new Rhythm Studio MindBody Account is a terrific resource for you to check in with how many lessons are left in your account, number of visits you have had, and to keep your card updated on file for auto-pay. It is a safe online software that allows you to check schedules on the go.  


To return to your account to check on your schedule, visits, and remaining lessons you can return to our website and click on Student Login at the top of the page, or simply save MindBody to your desktop


MindBody also offers an app.  Download your MindBody App by clicking the icon below, and search for Rhythm Music & Performing Arts Studio.  Use the login in you created and password you were given:









Once you create an account or "profile" (see above) you can purchase your first package of lessons. You can return to your login through the "Student Login" button at the top of this page each time you want to access your account. 


  • Log in to your account

  • Click the tab that says “Online Store”  

  • Below the tabs is a toolbar.  Click “Lessons/Services” on the toolbar

  • Select “Private Lessons” 

  • Select the package of lessons you wish to purchase

  • Go to check out

  • Purchase of all lessons is final and non-refundable

  • Please see "Our Fees" Page for our payment and attendance policy


We will receive notification that you have enrolled and purchased. There will be no "schedule" to select, we will place you on the schedule according to our agreed upon time and day.


Once we schedule you, you will receive another email informing you of your schedule.  If you are not receiving those emails, please inform us.  






At your first lesson, you should receive a New Student Welcome Packet and a copy of our Student Policy Please review our policies to be well informed.




You will receive automated emails to keep you up to date with when you are scheduled, to confirm your lessons, when you are running low and more.



If you do not receive a confirmation email the day before your lesson, please contact us.  It could mean either your email needs to be corrected in the system, or you may be out of lessons.

Creating your Account

Purchasing Lessons to Get on the Schedule

How to Manage your Lessons