Alex Reyna

guitar / piano / bass / drums / performance coach

Alex Reyna has been a passionate musician and performer since 3 years of age, starting with piano and beginning his professional career in Branson, MO at grade 6. It was his performing career and self-motivation that led him to learn to play the rest of the rhythm section, i.e. guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Performing on stage with high level performers like Kansas, Chante Cann, Eric Roberson and Israel Houghton has brought him to his high expectation of musicianship and showmanship which he strives to pull out of each student, no matter the style!


Alex has been a student of music for more than 20 years because according to him, “You don’t stop learning until your last note!” That being said, he seeks to cultivate a passion for music in all of his students, pouring his many years of experience in the studio room.

Alex Reyna has toured with many artists and ensembles, and is still a very active performer in the St. Louis area. With style experience, ranging from Classical and Jazz, to Latin and R&B, his knowledge and expertise give all his students the opportunity to learn new things and achieve a comprehensive music curriculum that is tailored to each musician!

He studied Music Education at Missouri State University and Music Performance at Berklee College of Music, as well as studying under the tutelage of Nick & Nate Werth (Colts Drum & Bugle Corps, Snarky Puppy), Victor Wooten, Gabrielle Goodman (Chaka Khan) and many more.